Dark Heroes

This is the best trailer in a while. It just stands by itself, showing us a clear picture of the story, without spoiling it.

Bruce Wayne’s face expression is more of a scar left by his miserable childhood and the statue-graffiti contrast acts like a time lapse from good to bad(or let’s say “confused”) times. There’s no need for the movie now. It’s a weird pleasure left for your imagination.


P.S. I was almost just as excited when I first saw the trailer for “Man of Steel”. It was a bit poetic, with that kid wearing a shirt(or smth) as a cape. Sadly, it didn’t really live up to my expectations. I hope this one is different.

This house is safe and warm, but I was made to chase the storm


Hey everyone ! Haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been kinda busy with some other projects. Fortunately, there’s some visual stuff and I can share it with you.

This is a picture of me and my cat. Hope you like it ! MeAndFelixA

Made in RO

Are you tired of gifts like snow globes or candles in the shape of Santa Claus? Every year the same decorations and the same presents … not original and quite boring. But I found out where and how I can get some creative gifts this year!

The Designist held on the weekend of 20-21 December, The Design Fair- Made in RO, the 5th edition, with the most unique gifts made by Romanian designers. The Christmas edition, called suggestively Design Christmas Magic, impressed everyone with the Romanian design. Over 50 design studios across the country – Bucharest, Cluj, Iasi, Timisoara, even Chisinau, convinced the shoppers with  their brand new collections made exclusively for this event.

The most suggestive articles on the shopping list are the unconventional Christmas trees and ornaments, textile design, furniture, lighting, ceramics, illustration, home accessories, toys and sweets.

I enjoyed the cozy and warm atmosphere and the special moments created by the organisers. I enjoyed the raw vegan sweets from Sis’n’me, pop -up café, coffee and tea from Origo (to take home and enjoy with your loved ones) and with the finest recipes specially created by Heidi – who were personalised with quotes and Romanian sayings under our eyes.

“Made in RO” is the biggest design fair in Romania, promoting Romanian designers with a focus on home & deco. The event was part of a series of such events dedicated to Romanian design and creative industries, and will be activated in other times of the year, in contexts that require alternative creative and special gifts.

Text by Raluca

Photos by Raluca